Village Board
Every 2nd Monday at 7pm at Village Clerk's Office

Departmental Meetings
Every 4th Monday at 10am at the Village Clerk's Office

Planning Board
Every 4th Monday at 4:30pm at the Village Clerk’s Office

Other Important Dates:

Village Real Property Taxes are mailed annually on June 1 and are due by July 1

Water/Sewer Rents are mailed quarterly beginning June 1 and are due by the 10th of the following month

Contact Village Clerk Phyllis Falsetta for more information.

Who's Who

Village Offices

Village Clerk
Phyllis Falsetta, Clerk-Treasurer
Phone: 607.637.5341
email: voh@hancock.net

Demi Travis, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer
Phone: 607.637.5341
email: voh5@hancock.net

Street & Water Department
Vaughn Karcher, Superintendent of Streets
Phone: 607.637.3316

Wastewater Treatment Department
Bernard Wormuth, Chief Operator
Phone: 607.637.3654

Village Court
Justice Herbert W. Buckley
Phone: 607.637.5789 (Wednesdays between 5-9pm)

Phyllis Falsetta, Court Clerk
Phone: 607.637.5789 (Wednesdays between 5-9pm)
email: voh@hancock.net

Marybeth Dumont,
Delaware County Assistant District Attorney

Emergency Services

Police & Fire Emergency
DIAL 911

Police Non-Emergency
Brian diLorenzo, Chief of Police
Phone: 607.637.3432

Fire Non-Emergency
Richard Knapp, Fire Chief
Phone: 607.765.7693

Code Enforcement
Michael Salvatore
Phone: 607.637.5341

Wendy Layton

Board of Trustees

Mayor Eugene Morgan
Deputy Mayor Shaun Shannon
Trustee Dawn Gotthardt
Trustee Charlene Caramore
Trustee Dorothy Picozzi

Planning Board

Kevin Caramore, Chairman